Thursday, 5 December 2013

What's up with love (Part 3)

The dim light showered a nice mood for having  a good sleep .Despite taking off my eyes from the absurdity of the world, my heart was idly telling me to get up and plan my mission. I sat up on my cosy bed letting go of all the bizarre calamities in my soul. I quickened my pace towards the study table which was located quite a distance from me.

I reached a pen and held it for five minutes, recapturing a suitable word to start writing my letter. My hands were trembling in wrath as I could not write a single word on the plain paper. Hence, whenever I started writing, I will just pen a total disaster. Soon, I managed to write everything that popped out from my mind, and it took me about an hour to completely express my outrage to Kyle. Neatly I folded the letter and placed it in a nice envelope.

“Huhh, what a blessed to finally finish writing this letter to a dire person like him. Oh goshhh,did I waste my time??!”

The question was left hanging without an answer as my eyes were tired enough to stay a little bit longer. All in all, I gladly told myself that tomorrow will be a spectacular day that I had waited for too long.

“What you give,you get back, Mr. Kingsburgh!”

I smiled and was drove into a serene and harmonious dream on taking over a crafty vengeance towards Kyle.

As his eyes was focusing on one of the chapter from ‘AKU’ written by Chairil Anwar , he suddenly stepped on a brown envelope that was placed in front of the room. Without hesitation, he lowered his body to pick up the mysterious letter and open it.

To:  Kyle Kingsburgh

Hey Kyle,

It was a surprise if you read this because for me, you are a kind of person who loves to be in your world without even having  a care towards the people around you. You are more likely a person who tends to ditch others’ business, so it will not bother your time. I absolutely confident that you do not have any friends ,right? Looking at your attitudes, it gives a precise possibility to my theory.

Well, I think that’s all from me now , because, I know that you do not want to waste your time reading this. Go ahead, and be a selfish person, it suits you much.


           “Ohh goshhh. What does she want from me?!!”

             Kyle murmured to himself, thinking of the most explicit answer to his question. Finally, he gained all his strength to confront Carla and made her speak to explain everything. She had gone too far by asking him to act beyond the boundaries. Kyle made his way heading to the editorial room to take the bull by the horns and asked Carla to stop barging into his life.                          

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What's up with love (Part 2)

“Err..are you Kyle Kingsburgh?” Looking into his eyes was a mistake as if I’m letting him to read my fear.
“Yes.So what is it that you want from me?” His question brought up my consciousness again. I chocked.
“Huh,I want to have an interview session with you,Mr. Kyle Kingsburgh.” I made faces at him as I was truly disappointed with his expression. Emotionless !
“Let us talk outside cause I don’t want people to get annoyed with you,” Kyle pulled my hand harshly along the way.
“Hey,let go off me,Mr. Arrogant!” I shouted at him and tried to take off his hand from me.
Both of us stopped and looked into each others’ eyes. I felt so angry with him as I put a hint of anger into my voice.
“Tell me girl,why do you want to have this interview session?Why do I need to get involve?”
I put the answer into a sentence which actually made me lost my temper towards him,thus,I managed to stay calm.
“Listen,listen and listen.Mr. Kingsburgh,you are the winner of this year poetry competition,and this winning offers you to be in the school magazine for this year.Understand?”
He pursed his lips in anger.
“Sorry,I don’t want to have any interview session.Just go and ask the adjudicators because they uphold the responsibilities in choosing me as the winner. Goodbye.. “
Kyle started to disappear from my sight. Being left in a state of confusion did make me hold a great hatred towards him. Nevertheless, I  quitted my job from interviewing Kyle. As I got into the editorial room, every single eye stopped and stared at my face, trying to solve the shattered puzzles yet to know about Kyle’s biography. I tried to keep the gloominess feeling to my heart, acting like nothing had happened. Thus, since my friends were too eager in throwing sorts of question, I let the flame to burn without having the urge to hold it back. I told them how Kyle just left me without giving me any chance to complete my job.
Having the same thoughts of facing Kyle once again, Tiffany offered herself to take my job.She wanted to take a total revenge over this selfish guy named Kyle Kingsburgh.Hence,I managed to calm her down because Kyle Kingsburgh was mine. I would make him pay for what he did.
“It’s okay Tiffany,I’ll continue this job. No matter how hopeless it may seem,but Kyle will pay for something he started at first .”

Those words kept my head up high in the sky, visioning my mission on taking a great revenge towards Kyle. A curve of smile suddenly appeared on my face telling me to pursue  my mission. 
"You will regret as soon as you know me,Kyle Kingsburgh!"

Friday, 18 October 2013

What"s up with love? (Part 1)

He waved me for the last time.The moment he entered the hallway to board the plane,I was fallen into tears.My heart shattered into pieces.Every single thing about him was kept securely in my mind.I would never forget him.But I knew that he would be back soon to catch up on me. Slowly, I could feel  the pain of losing the person that I love the most.
“And,the winner for this year poetry competition goes to …… “
“Carla.Carla.Carla !!!”
All the students were calling out my name. I was standing in the crowd waiting for the result to be announced by the Principal. Tiffany,Chrissy,Megan and Liz intertwined their hands together to each others’ shoulders. I noticed that they were staring at me while smiling in the moment of flutter. Again,my heart was beating fast and goosebumps started to sprout.
“…..goes to Kyle Kingsburgh !”
Silence creeped in the middle of the noises. Everyone threw a confused look to the principal as there should be a mistake made by him. Maybe Mr. Chairil was reading the wrong  result.But none of the thoughts stroke into my mind.All I knew was,I had lost to the person named Kyle Kingsburgh. He managed to destroy all of my hardwork of staying up all night to finish the poem.Everything was totally messed up.
My friends and I walked together to the editorial room where we called it as our second home.Our faces were covered with sorrow.None of us had the urge to speak to each other.The room was filled with soleness.
“It’s okay guys,I’m fine with the result.Please,I don’t wanna see any tears from your eyes.Give me your sweetest smile so that,I could gather all of the strength again.Smile everyone.”
I tried to put things back into their places. Seeing my friends smiling could enlighten my day once again,so,I coaxed them with all my best.
“So,what you gonna do next Carla?” Megan asked .
“Emmmm.I think that we should interview Kyle to fill in his biography into the school’s magazine as the winner for this year poetry competition.” 
I explained to make it crystal clear for her.
All of them shooked their head to my explaination except for Tiffany.She looked at me and asked, 
“But,who gonna take the job to interview him?”
I wondered in the world of misery and I ended up with a slightest idea that came out from my mind.
“Well,let me take this job.” I smiled and left them in impasse.

I took the stairs all the way to Kyle’s class as his class was located at the second floor. I put a glance all over his class but there was no sign of him,so,I asked his friends. They was quite shocked with my presence and told me that Kyle was in the library.Then,I rushed to the school’s library. I blowed a sigh of relief when I finally saw Kyle was reading at one of  the table near the book shelf.So,I tiptoed as if I didn’t want to disturb anyone from their reading especially Kyle. 

Thursday, 22 August 2013

I was happy to see her again.

      I woke up in the morning and found myself on my cosy bed. Suddenly , I laid my eyes on the mirror and  saw my own reflection. I started thinking for 17 years old I live in this world, did I ever utter the words of praise to God for creating me this way. I saw the perfection in me which I never realized I would have. Maybe,somebody would always dream to have my life because I always wanted to have other people’s life.
     ‘knock.knock.’!  The noises that came from the door had stolen my thoughts. I put a lazy sight on the door.
      ‘Yaaa mum,I’m awake .’ I shouted with a deep voice to ensure that my mum could hear me answering.To let her know that I was awoken already. Later on, I forced myself to get up and lead my way to the bathroom. As the cold water from the shower touched my head, I could feel the calmness of the blissful morning pierced through my mind.’ I always love when it comes to Friday morning’, my heart whispered silently.
       I rushed to the dining table and took my breakfast hurrily. I stared at the clock and was tremble in wrath after I saw it was nearly 10.00 a.m . All the privileges that I have could flew away in just a few seconds. I convinced myself to stay calm because I have another 10 minutes before my class starts.Meanwhile, I was busy replying Hanis’s text when I got into the car. My dad started the car and ready to get on the busy road heading to Karisma.
Along the journey, everything  that I saw was like the normal days except for the hilarity in the morning market. People from the nearest area flocked to the market to buy their daily expenses to continue their life in the best way that they wished for. Kids were enjoying their gaiety, following their parents to the market.They could not take their eyes off the brand new toys that were been displayed by the traders. I giggled for a second knowing that when I was at their age,I often rebelled to make sure that I get what I want.
       I blowed a sigh of fatigue when I finally stepped on the first stair of the Karisma’s stairway. It was a long way to go to reach the office. I claimed myself to be late because there were no students along the stairway. Soon,I  touched the door knob and slowly opened the door. I could see Kak Ti,Kak Na and Kak Nona greeted me with a welcoming smile. My heart thumped to the beat of enjoyment when I saw them. I literally curved a smile and dashed to my class. Nevertheless,I need to pass the narrow hallway before I could see my class.
      All the shoes were organized neatly.I took off my wedges and put them nicely so that people won’t step on it. Urghhhhh! I hate it the most when people stepped on my shoes mercilessly. Later on,I gained all my strength to open the door and walked into the class without noticing that all of  the eyes in the classroom were staring at me.My face started to unleash the feeling of disgrace. I could feel my cheeks were turning red. I’m blushed . Feeling like doesn’t belong to.
    “Take off your eyes from me,now!” , my heart was beating fast as I could burst into tears. My mouth was isolated from voices. I was captured in fear.My world shattered into pieces. No one could ever understand me even my bestfriend. They did not know that they had stole my liveliness. I threw a stare around the class,seeking for a place to sit.Unfortunately,there was not a single seat left for me.
I turned back to find a chair from the other classes. Out of the blue, I bumped into someone when I was taking my steps forward. A sigh of relief came across my mind when I saw Sis Marina holding a chair to give it to me. She put her sweetest smile looking at me and lend me the chair.
 “Ohh,I’m so sorry KM.Please forgive me.” I put the the blame on me and seek for her forgiveness.
  “It’s okay Batrisyia.Now,go and take your seat. I want to continue our lesson for today.” KM invited me to have a seat and she walked all the way to the front.
Despite drowning in the river of mortification, I would rather breath in the air of satisfaction after KM coaxed me with her words and smile. Deep inside, I knew that I was happy to see her again.

 p/s : Im not good enough in making stories but I'll try to write my best.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Promise me and never let go (Part II)

" Cehh pandai kau berkias sekarang.Siapa yang ajar? Mentang-mentanglah dapat mumtaz balaghah kan..."

Aku mengukir senyum di bibir menandakan kemenangan bakal menjadi milikku.Aku yakin alin pasti akan kehabisan idea. Yes!

Tanganku ligat menayangkan kertas tersebut di hadapan muka alin. Sedikit terganggu,alin terus mencapai kertas graf tersebut. Alin sedikit tersenyum menampakkan barisan giginya yang putih.Dia hanya mengambil masa beberapa saat untuk membalas hasil karya nukilanku. Tangannya pantas menulis huruf demi huruf untuk menerbitkan satu ayat yang sempurna.

Mata mula menunjukkan simptom-simptom kelesuan tahap giga.Aku cuba mengalihkan tanganku bagi menongkat dagu untuk memastikan aku tidak tersembam ke meja.Tahap konsentrasi semakin menurun namun aku masih boleh memahami tajuk yang dibincangkan oleh teacher Aimi.Rasa resah dan gelisah mula menyelinap masuk mengganggu pemikiranku. Aku menala pandangan ke luar tingkap,menikmati setiap keindahan yang terpancar di segenap sudut bumi Maahad. Menyedari akan satu hakikat bahawa aku bakal meninggalkan bumi maahad tidak lama lagi.Menyingkap setiap memori yang telah dicipta bersama di bumi bertuah ini . Aku terdiam ditusuk beribu persoalan.

"Ahh apa ni?Lambat lagi.Im still a maahadian.And forever will be." Aku cuba memujuk hati yang mulai    gelisah.

Dushh.! Sekali lagi si alin mengejutkan aku dari alam khayalan. Kertas graf tersebut sedikit menutup pandanganku terhadap buku fizik yang ada di hadapan.

"oh well :P "

Dua patah perkataan yang membuatkan aku mual seketika.Mual dengan sikap poyo si alin yang makin menjadi-menjadi.Dalam masa yang sama,bibirku sempat menguntum senyum dengan gelagat deskmate yang sentiasa sedia menemani aku dalam apa jua keadaan.Tidak kira waktu dimarahi oleh guru kerana tidak dapat meyiapkan tugasan,syahid tersungkur di meja sewaktu sesi pembelajaran,ditegur oleh guru apabila ade je mata-mata yang layu dan tidak bermaya.Semuanya dapat diatasi dengan kehadiran deskmates dan classmates yang sporting ,havoc and last but not least,UNDERSTANDING.

 Terima kasih Allah kerana menghantar mereka kepadaku.Alhamdullilah.

p/s : dedicated to miss tanaka white, AHcrush and L's secret admire. :D

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Promise me and never let go. - ab

"Bukak buku Fly High mukasurat 16" laung teacher Aimi di hadapan kelas. Setelah 30 minit berlalu,barulah kami dapat memulakan kelas tambahan pada petang itu.

Alin di sebelah mencari-cari buku di dalam beg merahnya. Aku pula terpaksa bingkas dari tempat duduk untuk mengambil buku Fly High yang terselit di celah-celah timbunan buku yang sengaja diletakkan di atas meja hanan.

"adoiii beratnyaaaaaa!!" seperti biasa aku akan mengomel sendiri apabila terpaksa membuang waktu untuk mencari buku yang sedia terselit di bawah timbunan buku-buku yang tersadai di meja belakang.

Tangan membelek pantas dari satu mukasurat ke mukasurat seterusnya.Mata melilau mencari tajuk yang diutarakan.Dan akhirnya hati melaung kegembiraan apabila tangan berhenti di mukasurat 16. Tumpuan diberikan sepenuhnya kepada teacher Aimi di hadapan.Sesekali aku menguis-uis pen yang ada di hadapan. Apabila tahap tumpuan aku hilang seketika, aku cuba toleh ke kanan untuk melihat Hanis di sebelah. Rupa-rupanyaa dia masih belum membuka buku lagi!Dia sengih dengan gaya yang paling comel menandakan dia bersalah.Masih trauma,takut-takut aku akan cuba mengancamnya lagi dengan gaya yang paling aneh,akhirnya Hanis akur lalu membuka bukunya dan memberi perhatian terhadap pelajaran fizik di hadapan.

"Ingat molek nih,nantikan awak gi buatt tando bintang la,Htag lah,bulan lah and etc.Ingat!Hanya tanda 'dash' sahaja dibenarkan!" pesan teacher Aimi kepada pelajar 5K2. Sebenarnya pada petang itu,kami diajarkan teknik-teknik yang berkesan dan jitu untuk menjawab soalan fizik kertas 2. Sememangnya teacher Aimi sangat berharap kami menumpukan perhatian kepada apa yang ingin diutarakan olehnya.

"lamo keiii awok gi tulis banyok pulok untuk penerangan dio.Siap suruh saya pilih pulak tuh,jangey deh jangey ". Pesan teacher lagi. 

Kelas 5K2 yang sunyi telah dihiasi oleh hilai tawa yang menggila oleh pelajar-pelajarnya.Hanis ketawa terbahak-bahak sambil memprotes teacher selalu buat lawakkk tanpa diduga.Alin mengecilkan matanya kerana terpaksa menahan tawa yang bagai menegangkan segala urat perutnya.Che Nor menepuk-nepuk Dayah di sebelahnyaaa untuk meredakan keadaan yang sememangnya boleh menggegarkan bangunan blok A.

Seketika kemudian,kami kembali fokus.Menutup segala cerita yang lepas dan meneruskan pelajaran seperti biasa. Tanganku mencapai kertas graf yang terselit di bawah alas meja. Hasrat di hati ingin mengembalikan dakwat pen yang main aci ade aci takde.Satu gambaran seperti gelombang air telah terbentuk.Kemudian aku membuat garisan.Tetapi tanganku tidak dapat melukis suatu garisan yang sempurna.

Bosan.Aku terus menulis sesuatu di atas kertas graf tersebut. Fikiran aku melayang mengenangkan cerita yang aku luahkan kepada alin sebelum kelas bermula. Tanpa disedari jari-jariku menggenggam erat pen hitam yang tadi berhenti mengeluarkan dakwat. Perkataan pertama yang singgah di mindaku ialah "promise". Kaku seketika. Aku mula terbayang wajah si dia yang pernah hadir dalam hidupku suatu ketika dahulu.

Hati mulai sebak,namun aku terus menghabiskan karya agung aku pada petang itu dengan menyambung ayat yang tergantung. 

"Promise me and never let go..."

Satu kepuasan menerjah, memecah kebuntuanku pada saat itu. Aku tersenyum dan menayangkan kertas  tersebut di hadapan Alin. Alin yang sememangnya fokus memerhati whiteboaard di hadapan terganggu dengan perlakuanku. Dia menepis-nepis kertas tersebut tanda protes kerana aku telah menggangu konsentrasinya.Namun aku tidak mengendahkan kemarahannya. Sekali lagi aku menayangkan kertas tersebut dan berharap dia terbaca tulisan yang tertera di situ.


Alin merampas kertas tersebut dari genggaman tanganku. Lalu diperhatikannya kertas graf tersebut mencari mesej yang cuba aku sampaikan.Akhirnya,pandangan Alin terhenti pada bait kata-kata yang tertulis rapi di bawah contengan-contengan yang aku lakarkan sebelum itu. Dia tersenyum sinis.Aku yang memerhati dari tadi terus menjeling bagi menikam senyuman tersebut.

Alin mengambil pen yang berada di hadapannya.Dia cuba menterjemahkan maksud senyumannya tadi.
Puas menunggu alin,aku terus menumpukan perhatian terhadap apa yang diperkatakan oleh teacher Aimi.


Alin menghentakkan tangannya ke meja bagi meletakkan kertas tersebut.Aku kaget dan hilang punca seketika. Jantung mula berdegup kencang. debaran semakin terasa. Aku cuba menelan liur tetapi payah.Mata pantas memburu tulisan tangan si alin. 

"Jangan jilat air liur yang telah kita ludah". 

Tertera tulisan Alin di bawah hasil karya aku tadi. Ternyata alin pandai berkias.Tetapi dengan gayanya yang tersendiri.

Aku terhinggut-hinggut menahan tawa.Terasa sesuatu mencuit hati aku setelah membaca hasil karya nukilan si alin.Dengan spontan,aku mencurahkan segala idea yang melimpah di atas kertas tersebut bagi membalas kata-kata alin.Kali ini alin pasti kalah!Begitu yakin aku mengucapkan kata-kata tersebut.

To be continued......


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