Thursday, 22 August 2013

I was happy to see her again.

      I woke up in the morning and found myself on my cosy bed. Suddenly , I laid my eyes on the mirror and  saw my own reflection. I started thinking for 17 years old I live in this world, did I ever utter the words of praise to God for creating me this way. I saw the perfection in me which I never realized I would have. Maybe,somebody would always dream to have my life because I always wanted to have other people’s life.
     ‘knock.knock.’!  The noises that came from the door had stolen my thoughts. I put a lazy sight on the door.
      ‘Yaaa mum,I’m awake .’ I shouted with a deep voice to ensure that my mum could hear me answering.To let her know that I was awoken already. Later on, I forced myself to get up and lead my way to the bathroom. As the cold water from the shower touched my head, I could feel the calmness of the blissful morning pierced through my mind.’ I always love when it comes to Friday morning’, my heart whispered silently.
       I rushed to the dining table and took my breakfast hurrily. I stared at the clock and was tremble in wrath after I saw it was nearly 10.00 a.m . All the privileges that I have could flew away in just a few seconds. I convinced myself to stay calm because I have another 10 minutes before my class starts.Meanwhile, I was busy replying Hanis’s text when I got into the car. My dad started the car and ready to get on the busy road heading to Karisma.
Along the journey, everything  that I saw was like the normal days except for the hilarity in the morning market. People from the nearest area flocked to the market to buy their daily expenses to continue their life in the best way that they wished for. Kids were enjoying their gaiety, following their parents to the market.They could not take their eyes off the brand new toys that were been displayed by the traders. I giggled for a second knowing that when I was at their age,I often rebelled to make sure that I get what I want.
       I blowed a sigh of fatigue when I finally stepped on the first stair of the Karisma’s stairway. It was a long way to go to reach the office. I claimed myself to be late because there were no students along the stairway. Soon,I  touched the door knob and slowly opened the door. I could see Kak Ti,Kak Na and Kak Nona greeted me with a welcoming smile. My heart thumped to the beat of enjoyment when I saw them. I literally curved a smile and dashed to my class. Nevertheless,I need to pass the narrow hallway before I could see my class.
      All the shoes were organized neatly.I took off my wedges and put them nicely so that people won’t step on it. Urghhhhh! I hate it the most when people stepped on my shoes mercilessly. Later on,I gained all my strength to open the door and walked into the class without noticing that all of  the eyes in the classroom were staring at me.My face started to unleash the feeling of disgrace. I could feel my cheeks were turning red. I’m blushed . Feeling like doesn’t belong to.
    “Take off your eyes from me,now!” , my heart was beating fast as I could burst into tears. My mouth was isolated from voices. I was captured in fear.My world shattered into pieces. No one could ever understand me even my bestfriend. They did not know that they had stole my liveliness. I threw a stare around the class,seeking for a place to sit.Unfortunately,there was not a single seat left for me.
I turned back to find a chair from the other classes. Out of the blue, I bumped into someone when I was taking my steps forward. A sigh of relief came across my mind when I saw Sis Marina holding a chair to give it to me. She put her sweetest smile looking at me and lend me the chair.
 “Ohh,I’m so sorry KM.Please forgive me.” I put the the blame on me and seek for her forgiveness.
  “It’s okay Batrisyia.Now,go and take your seat. I want to continue our lesson for today.” KM invited me to have a seat and she walked all the way to the front.
Despite drowning in the river of mortification, I would rather breath in the air of satisfaction after KM coaxed me with her words and smile. Deep inside, I knew that I was happy to see her again.

 p/s : Im not good enough in making stories but I'll try to write my best.
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Maira Gall