Friday, 18 October 2013

What"s up with love? (Part 1)

He waved me for the last time.The moment he entered the hallway to board the plane,I was fallen into tears.My heart shattered into pieces.Every single thing about him was kept securely in my mind.I would never forget him.But I knew that he would be back soon to catch up on me. Slowly, I could feel  the pain of losing the person that I love the most.
“And,the winner for this year poetry competition goes to …… “
“Carla.Carla.Carla !!!”
All the students were calling out my name. I was standing in the crowd waiting for the result to be announced by the Principal. Tiffany,Chrissy,Megan and Liz intertwined their hands together to each others’ shoulders. I noticed that they were staring at me while smiling in the moment of flutter. Again,my heart was beating fast and goosebumps started to sprout.
“…..goes to Kyle Kingsburgh !”
Silence creeped in the middle of the noises. Everyone threw a confused look to the principal as there should be a mistake made by him. Maybe Mr. Chairil was reading the wrong  result.But none of the thoughts stroke into my mind.All I knew was,I had lost to the person named Kyle Kingsburgh. He managed to destroy all of my hardwork of staying up all night to finish the poem.Everything was totally messed up.
My friends and I walked together to the editorial room where we called it as our second home.Our faces were covered with sorrow.None of us had the urge to speak to each other.The room was filled with soleness.
“It’s okay guys,I’m fine with the result.Please,I don’t wanna see any tears from your eyes.Give me your sweetest smile so that,I could gather all of the strength again.Smile everyone.”
I tried to put things back into their places. Seeing my friends smiling could enlighten my day once again,so,I coaxed them with all my best.
“So,what you gonna do next Carla?” Megan asked .
“Emmmm.I think that we should interview Kyle to fill in his biography into the school’s magazine as the winner for this year poetry competition.” 
I explained to make it crystal clear for her.
All of them shooked their head to my explaination except for Tiffany.She looked at me and asked, 
“But,who gonna take the job to interview him?”
I wondered in the world of misery and I ended up with a slightest idea that came out from my mind.
“Well,let me take this job.” I smiled and left them in impasse.

I took the stairs all the way to Kyle’s class as his class was located at the second floor. I put a glance all over his class but there was no sign of him,so,I asked his friends. They was quite shocked with my presence and told me that Kyle was in the library.Then,I rushed to the school’s library. I blowed a sigh of relief when I finally saw Kyle was reading at one of  the table near the book shelf.So,I tiptoed as if I didn’t want to disturb anyone from their reading especially Kyle. 
© Ordinary Rhapsody
Maira Gall