Sunday, 17 May 2015

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Good morning, dwellers of Earth!

Hey it's been a while since I updated my blog, right? Actually, huh, I'm living a lifeless day currently, to the extent that I could possibly take a nap all day. No single fruitful conversation, absolutely not having any physical exercises( cause, I think that I'm gaining weight these days) and feeling absurdly empty. Gosh I must have gone too far in doing nothing. Seriously, how am I going to cope with these upcoming 3 months?! *pissed off .

It's not that I haven't take any effort to look for jobs out there, but, I tell you what, it's hard to actually get a part-time job. Usually, employers want to hire only those who are willing to take up a full-time job with at least a year of experience. Dude, what do you expect from a foundation graduate?! We don't have much time to think 'bout anything else except for paying heed to our lectures. But come on, we are absolutely fast learners, which we can just get it right after at least an hour of getting a proper explanation from the experts. In sha Allah. So, please consider a place for us to establish our talents in doing something rather than wasting time like this.Haha.

Gulp. Gasp. Gulp. Gasp.

Oh, btw, I've received my final examination result which commemorate my struggle throughout these 8 months of  being a law student. Sadly, I wouldn't continue my degree in law school because I've something else in mind. It's English for Professional Communication (EPC). As far as I know, today will mark something essential for us that the interview results will be coming out soon. Oh my God, I'm a nervous wreck once again. Do pray for me, and my wonderwall, tiya kentang :P . Hope we can get a place in EPC. Aamiin. So, I've put an effort to actually do some background research on EPC, which brought me to Kak Mieza's blog. She's an EPC graduate, who holds a 1st class degree and currently is doing her masters in speech pathology, I guess. (sorry, if I'm mistaken in delivering this fact). Hereby, I would like to share her experiences that flatter my heart to experience such a remarkable and exciting journey upon paving my way along this path.

I dedicate this to anyone who's still confused on what's the major difference between EPC and B.Ed TESL. Hope it might enlighten you a bit :)

"Interesting or not, it depends on how you perceive your journey, it is a personal preference to determine :) i love epc due to the diversity of subjects i learned. a whole damn lot of English, multimedia, business, professional communication and third language. it was crazy packed but it was fun to me, as i like working and living under pressure, it made me feel functional. then i also got myself involved as the exco (SMF), i joined archery and went for competitions, so basically i never had the time to laze around. my schedule were always super packed and that's how i enjoyed my life while doing EPC :)
differences between TESL and EPC aside from the name and purpose of the degree cert itself, first would be the subjects. i mentioned EPC subjects above, while TESL kids dont learn business, prof.comm and multimedia. next would be the option of professions you could take up once you graduated. i mean, with EPC degree you can get interviewed to work in masscomm related fields while with TESL cert they might not be interested to consider you for an interview. expectations : with TESL cert, 99% of the earth population will expect you to become a teacher while with EPC cert, people will ask "what will you work as?" and you have a million answers to that, you choose. i dont know what else to say to make this sound interesting, but surely EPC and TESL has mega differences :) " - Kak Mieza


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