Monday, 29 June 2015


Cause I'm alone
Wondering in the woods
As the morning drizzle come
Shower the earth with its charm
How I wish that I tremble in your arm.

I want to let go of this pain
I want to carve our names
Beautifully without any vein.

Shall my heart speaks louder than me
For you to believe my sincerity?

12.06 p.m

Saturday, 20 June 2015



First and foremost, Ramadhan Kareem to all my mosleem brothers and sisters out there. May this month bring us barakah and provide us with steadfastness till the end.

I dont know what came into me tonight, that urge me to blog this instant. Sadly, I dont have any interesting stories or thoughts to share with you guys. Oh gosh, this is so awkward I can tell.

Up to this moment, this girl still, has not being hired by any employers as luck doesnt hit her well. But it's okay, I'm enjoying my freedom, feeling so leisure most of the time and what's more important now, I've become a part-time chaffeur. Well, it has been almost 5 months since I waited for this moment to come. To be proudly replaced my grandpa to fetch my boys at school. Though everyday I need to encounter the same routine, nevertheless, it tested my patience, it taught me to become more punctual (actually it is to free myself and my ears to hear them blabber all the way home if I'm late). To be honest, now I've learnt how my grandpa or even my dad felt when they're waiting for me to finish my school, and how annoyed were they when I'm a bit late from the actual time that we'd dealt in the first place. 15 minutes passed, okay I consider it as acceptable. But what if, half an hour of waiting, is it worth? Goshhhhh it really tests my patience, like seriously.So boys, you better brace yourself from not giving me any trouble, okay? It's better to be 3 hours early than a minute too late. 

That's about me being a chaffeur, so now I would like to do some throwbacks bout my foundation days in UiTM Kuantan, Pahang. As now we're in this holy month of Ramadhan, needless to say, last year, it was my first time fasting away from my family. Ahaa, y'know there're so many major differences when you're fasting away from home. First, there's no one will take the responsibility to wake you up for sahur. Hence, I'm so fortunate to be surrounded with my housemates who are good enough to wake me up for sahur. We take turns to delegate this job to make it fair and square for everybody. And the most essential part is, people told me that my alarm was deadly annoyed to the extent that they cant even continue their sleep upon hearing my alarm. Even those who slept on the upper deck will surely go down to find and make my alarm stop. Hahaha. Oh god, they're probably pissed off with my alarm, I guess. Sorry girls:P. Okay, move on to the second issue, which is, finance. For god's sake, money flow like water, and you dont even have the chance to glare a little longer to the initial amount of money that you draw from the atm, cause the moment you put your glance away and turn back to where it was, your money had already gone. *swish swish*. It is not a metaphore that I'm trying to make, but, it's the cold truth that lies upon every students' life. We need to struggle between spending our money on books and foods. That's why, taking up courses such as money management is very crucial to guide teens to be very good and efficient in spending their pocket money. ( which sometimes (okay no, most of the time) , I,myself failed to properly spend my money on things that are far away more important compared to clothes and shoes) This is why we really need to look up into this matter very carefully in order to survive. 

*Batrisyia, you really need to learn on how to spend your allowance, do not waste!*

Eheh, such a troublesome through and through.

The last issue that I can share is, perhaps the culture and food. In the first place, as a Kelantanese, I really look forward towards their cooking, as I might assume it totally differ from my hometown's delicacies. So, tbh, it was really different. Even the murtabaks are not as good compared to what I'd been eating all this long. Well, not to say that I loathe the foods in Kuantan, but I can proudly say that Kelantan has the best taste ever. #GomoKelateGomo , hohoho. I dont usually go to the bazaars, but when I go there, it does give me an excited feeling to walk pass by all the food stalls that promote various type of foods, that are unlikely to get it in Kelantan or other places. The sound of satays been grilled, the scent of ayam madu, ayam tempayan, (and etc),beverages that come in different taste and colour will somehow captivate your mind to be paralysed (it's kinda exaggerated, but who cares, that's what I feel upon letting myself to discover the bazaars available, haha). Oh wait, the most remarkable iftar I will remember is when we had our break fasting session at Padang MPK, (together with zulfa, asmaa and faris). It was 15 minutes of journey from our campus in Bukit Sekilau to Padang MPK. People from every places in Kuantan and even those who stay outside of Kuantan, gather together at Padang MPK to enjoy their iftar. Some of them brought their homemade cooking along with their own picnic mattress, and some bought their food from the nearest bazaar. The scenery was totally mesmerizing, Subhanallah, it was really beautiful.

Those who are in Kuantan should at least have their iftar at Padang MPK once, as this is one of the things that we can brag about and be proud of. To unite in diversity :)

So guys, that's all for tonight.

Happy fasting!

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Maira Gall