Thursday, 21 January 2016



Well, this is every girl's biggest fear. The fear of being unwanted. Fear of being left out. Drifting through this modern era, people are becoming more and more judgmental though they claim themselves neutral. Oh crap. Girls are so fragile although you may see her stronger in the outside. Her heart is like the ocean wave. Sometimes it bids you pleasure but other times, maybe it could give you a heartache, I swear! So, their insecurity level is no joke, and you,my dear fellas, don't you ever make a fuss of her physical appearance. You never know how much time that she had invested to just look good in front of others, dolling up herself, make the best out of her. You never know how hard she tries to win people's heart and stand out among the crowds. Yes,that requires a major appreciation, but nahhh all she wants is just you, to acknowledge her presence and treat her like a person. Yes, a person. Do you know why? Cause most of the time, society only look up to people with pretty faces. Hahaha. Maybe you will say that I'm just being prejudice. Tell me, when you go on instagram, will your search engine be filled with the name of people who aren't that pretty and handsome? Bull's-eyes! I know right, it's our human nature to lay our eyes on beautiful things.But, never make it as a ticket for you to condemn others with an average look. All the beauty figures on instagram, they look so perfect in the eyes of the society, driving their thoughts to transform their wives, daughters or even girlfriends to look just like those beauties. They start condemning and contemplating every flaws that their girls have, wanting them to be as perfect as the beauty figures that they lavishly flatter. Too indulged with other people's perspectives, these unfortunate girls, start to lose their confidence level. Every bit and inch of their appearance is lacking to their concern."I want to be flawless", " Damn, look at those thigh gaps" , "My cheeks are getting swollen" , " I want a flat stomach", "I want to lose weight". They will never be satisfied until they get what they want. Some of them are willing to spend a large amount of money (hundreds or even thousands) and put themselves at risk for buying beauty products to obtain a faster result.*close up your dropping jaws first* This is just a glimpse of what girls are obsessing in the pursuit of  beauty. Nevertheless, people will never notice how broken she is in the inside regardless the flash of smiles that she presented to the whole world. She feels like giving up on everything. She hates herself for being fake. She loses her true identity. All she that has is just temporary. Knowing that people love her only for her beauty, left her in a bleak suffer. She suffers a lot,physically and mentally, in order to meet your pleasure and suit your preferences.


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