Saturday, 29 August 2015


Dear self,

Saying goodbye is not literally on occasion that you simply wave your hand to bid farewell to each other but it can also symbolise your enthusiasm in leaving alone your past.Cause every time the clock strikes twelve on the day of your first acknowledgement to the world, it'll somehow bring you to enter a new phase of life let alone give you a different meaning and interpretation of your very own story line. So batrisyia,lets grow and discover new things in life. Stop bringing up your past and start to kick off your brand new start,brand new life. Despite all those silly thoughts that ppl have been spitting over you, try to build your own walls and prove them wrong. Make it stiff, make it indestructible! Draw your dreamed future by patiently sketching it in your very own style. Stay rooted my dear. Keep in mind, what's prior should be lined in the first row without ditching the little things. Purify your intention and may He bless you with steadfastness upon seeking for the light in everything that you do. Remind yourself to obey God first, then you'll be free to seek anything in this dunya. Bring your deen along and you may not astray from the right path. Piety is something that you must put all your effort and be devoted to everything that have been restricted by Him. There's no shortcut to pursue victory. Tell yourself, it's okay to fall sometimes, cause you'll be more realistic in planning your long-term strategy. Be rational no matter how hard the barriers keep dragging you down, cause if you let your emotion rule over you, it might render you to switch on your self-destructive mode. If you are at the verge of giving up, remember all the hard works that you've been putting throughout the journey. Remember how tiring it was for your parents to work days and nights to make sure you dont starve and keep your nessicity at all ease. And, remember that God will test you only  for things that you could barely overcome and handle with your own hand.Be strong and live life to the fullest! May force be with you, dear batrisyia afni! 

Cherish your life, make your loved ones happy, spread the good vibes to enlighten ppl's heart and captivate their mind in awe with your charm!

Hello degree, lets embrace each other and enlivened the language!


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