Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What's up with love (Part 2)

“Err..are you Kyle Kingsburgh?” Looking into his eyes was a mistake as if I’m letting him to read my fear.
“Yes.So what is it that you want from me?” His question brought up my consciousness again. I chocked.
“Huh,I want to have an interview session with you,Mr. Kyle Kingsburgh.” I made faces at him as I was truly disappointed with his expression. Emotionless !
“Let us talk outside cause I don’t want people to get annoyed with you,” Kyle pulled my hand harshly along the way.
“Hey,let go off me,Mr. Arrogant!” I shouted at him and tried to take off his hand from me.
Both of us stopped and looked into each others’ eyes. I felt so angry with him as I put a hint of anger into my voice.
“Tell me girl,why do you want to have this interview session?Why do I need to get involve?”
I put the answer into a sentence which actually made me lost my temper towards him,thus,I managed to stay calm.
“Listen,listen and listen.Mr. Kingsburgh,you are the winner of this year poetry competition,and this winning offers you to be in the school magazine for this year.Understand?”
He pursed his lips in anger.
“Sorry,I don’t want to have any interview session.Just go and ask the adjudicators because they uphold the responsibilities in choosing me as the winner. Goodbye.. “
Kyle started to disappear from my sight. Being left in a state of confusion did make me hold a great hatred towards him. Nevertheless, I  quitted my job from interviewing Kyle. As I got into the editorial room, every single eye stopped and stared at my face, trying to solve the shattered puzzles yet to know about Kyle’s biography. I tried to keep the gloominess feeling to my heart, acting like nothing had happened. Thus, since my friends were too eager in throwing sorts of question, I let the flame to burn without having the urge to hold it back. I told them how Kyle just left me without giving me any chance to complete my job.
Having the same thoughts of facing Kyle once again, Tiffany offered herself to take my job.She wanted to take a total revenge over this selfish guy named Kyle Kingsburgh.Hence,I managed to calm her down because Kyle Kingsburgh was mine. I would make him pay for what he did.
“It’s okay Tiffany,I’ll continue this job. No matter how hopeless it may seem,but Kyle will pay for something he started at first .”

Those words kept my head up high in the sky, visioning my mission on taking a great revenge towards Kyle. A curve of smile suddenly appeared on my face telling me to pursue  my mission. 
"You will regret as soon as you know me,Kyle Kingsburgh!"

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