Thursday, 5 December 2013

What's up with love (Part 3)

The dim light showered a nice mood for having  a good sleep .Despite taking off my eyes from the absurdity of the world, my heart was idly telling me to get up and plan my mission. I sat up on my cosy bed letting go of all the bizarre calamities in my soul. I quickened my pace towards the study table which was located quite a distance from me.

I reached a pen and held it for five minutes, recapturing a suitable word to start writing my letter. My hands were trembling in wrath as I could not write a single word on the plain paper. Hence, whenever I started writing, I will just pen a total disaster. Soon, I managed to write everything that popped out from my mind, and it took me about an hour to completely express my outrage to Kyle. Neatly I folded the letter and placed it in a nice envelope.

“Huhh, what a blessed to finally finish writing this letter to a dire person like him. Oh goshhh,did I waste my time??!”

The question was left hanging without an answer as my eyes were tired enough to stay a little bit longer. All in all, I gladly told myself that tomorrow will be a spectacular day that I had waited for too long.

“What you give,you get back, Mr. Kingsburgh!”

I smiled and was drove into a serene and harmonious dream on taking over a crafty vengeance towards Kyle.

As his eyes was focusing on one of the chapter from ‘AKU’ written by Chairil Anwar , he suddenly stepped on a brown envelope that was placed in front of the room. Without hesitation, he lowered his body to pick up the mysterious letter and open it.

To:  Kyle Kingsburgh

Hey Kyle,

It was a surprise if you read this because for me, you are a kind of person who loves to be in your world without even having  a care towards the people around you. You are more likely a person who tends to ditch others’ business, so it will not bother your time. I absolutely confident that you do not have any friends ,right? Looking at your attitudes, it gives a precise possibility to my theory.

Well, I think that’s all from me now , because, I know that you do not want to waste your time reading this. Go ahead, and be a selfish person, it suits you much.


           “Ohh goshhh. What does she want from me?!!”

             Kyle murmured to himself, thinking of the most explicit answer to his question. Finally, he gained all his strength to confront Carla and made her speak to explain everything. She had gone too far by asking him to act beyond the boundaries. Kyle made his way heading to the editorial room to take the bull by the horns and asked Carla to stop barging into his life.                          

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